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Storytelling Tool for Marketers

VR Emerges as Ultimate Storytelling Tool for Marketers

Dominic Collins knows a thing or two about the power of virtual reality, so it was definitely a good news when he was introduced as the speaker at the 2016 event…

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New Virtual Reality Platform Will Alter Screenshots

First, there were only talkies. Then there arrived the astonishing Technicolor. Soon, Cineplexes started to use paper red-and-blue glasses to show their movies in 3-D. Once revolutionary in their time,…

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Google to Introduce Android VR

From the look of things, Google may release a VR headset that functions without a phone and is at the same time powered by Android. An Android VR placeholder has…

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These are the 3 Things That Tell the Future of VR

Virtual reality (VR) headsets, like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive tend to promise that by simply strapping on a rectangular black headset, one can navigate a sunken ship at…

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VR Gеаr: HоlоLеnѕ

Mісrоѕоft іѕ busily creating what they hоре wіll bе thе nеxt bіg thing in a vіrtuаl rеаlіtу tуре product саllеd HoloLens. Dеѕіgnеd for gаmеrѕ and оthеrѕ whо еnjоу a 3-D…

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Quick Breakdown of Some of the Great VR Headsets

Strapping a presentation to your face may in any case appear like a fantasy of the past to a great many people, yet throughout this year we’re going to see…

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Audience Engagement Can Be Shaped by Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is basically an artificial computer-simulated world. Scroll down for video A user can have any kind of experience with VR such as get immersed in an incredible made-up…

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New Vuze 3D Virtual Reality Camera to Retail at a Cost Price of $799

Virtual Reality headsets have been considered expensive by many but they do not know that virtual reality cameras even cost more. But the new Vuze 3D virtual reality camera is…

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Google Cardboard

Google’s Virtual Reality Headset Made Available in UK, Cost’s £15 Only

  Google has launched a basic virtual reality headset in the UK for just £15. It has been less than 2 years since it was first unveiled; Google has made…

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How Healthcare Organizations are Adapting Virtual Reality

There is a lot of conversation about the benefits of virtual reality (VR) in healthcare. It is already being used in robotic surgery and new devices, but researchers are looking…

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