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Quick Breakdown of Some of the Great VR Headsets

Strapping a presentation to your face may in any case appear like a fantasy of the past to a great many people, yet throughout this year we’re going to see…

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Black Friday of 2016 will Usher in A Ton of Virtual Reality Deals

The annual holiday shopping season which will kick off this year on November 25 will see a new variety of deals in new product categories. One major new entrant will…

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Real Crimes in Virtual Reality?

  Virtual reality is lifting off as several VR headsets have now hit the market including the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift among others. There are also more coming including…

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Virtual Reality And All of the Ethical Dilemmas We Face

  Virtual reality has really witnessed an unprecedented level of growth in the past few years (especially this year) and with the major players of the industry like the Oculus…

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Virtual Reality Video Games: Where Did It All Begin?

  The new buzz everywhere now is in the world of virtual reality and virtual reality gaming has not been left out. We’ve always wondered in what way video games…

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Virtual Reality Video Games’ Long History

  Strap on a set of goggles and go along with us as we wander back to the absolute starting point, spotlighting early endeavors of VR gaming and meeting the…

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Meatspace Vs Cyberspace

Meatspace Vs. Cyberspace: What’s the Difference?

The term “Meatspace” is not new to our vocabulary. It’s actually been around for a few decades. It’s beginning to feel like the right time to start using this term…

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From Nintendo to Modern Day VR

On Monday, Mar. 28, Facebook’s very own Oculus began shipping its initial virtual reality product to customers. However, it could have a bit of a difficult time winning the hearts…

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Not Sure Which VR Headset to Buy? Read This.

HTC Vive The product of a marriage between Taiwanese tech giant HTC and the video game conglomerate Valve, the HTC Vive is due to ship its initial US orders soon….

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The Best VR Headsets

Sony PlayStation VR Waiting is almost over now, because October 2016 is the launch date for the PlayStation VR headset. The latest version is equipped with 5.7” OLED instead of…

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