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100 Hours of Full Immersion in VR

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There is a gauge to everything we do as humans and quite often we find ourselves trying to break the barriers of extreme. For example the 9000+ pound rubber band ball, the 28 foot long finger nails that a woman decided to keep growing and the 13,000 Santas who got together in the Guidhall Square in Derry City, Northern Ireland. Again and again we keep pushing the frontiers of extreme as we seek to test how far we can go. Here’s one more extreme that we can add to the list in the next few days, a man who has immersed himself in virtual reality for 100 hours straight. That’s approximately 4 days and 4 hours, 6000 minutes, or 360,000 immersive seconds.


Cris Miranda Embarks on His 100-hour Journey

Cris Miranda from is the man attempting this feat as a Hitbox user going by the username ‘MetaverseScholarsClub’. His crazy plan is to immerse himself in virtual reality for 100 hours straight. To achieve this, Cris will have to eat, sleep with the headset still on and he will utilize through-cameras in order to see what he’s eating and drinking. He is currently a few hours into his quest and so far he seems to be doing quite well. His sanity however may be slipping a bit as he claims that he may bare it all as time ticks by. With the hours remaining for him to complete his quest, the virtual reality community eagerly anticipates to see if he will successfully hold out.


Is It Possible?

Before Cris embarked on his quest, he sent out a tweet: ‘In one hour, I’ll begin live streaming my 100 hrs in VR experiment. Huge thanks to the @MetavrseSCHclub for the help.’

It remains to be seen how he is going to make it through this feat. Users who have used the popular headsets including the HTC Vive, Gear VR and various Google cardboard devices will tell you that after about 75 minutes, their eyes begin to water and their head begins to hurt. Shortly afterwards you start to experience nausea. While the effects that VR has is more pronounced in some people and less so with other people, it is still hard to imagine how Cris will make it through this journey. While he will be able to sleep, eat and drink, he will never break immersion so when he wakes up, the headset will still be attached to his head and he will still be in a virtual reality environment. This experiment is surely going to provide some insight as to how long term and extended exposure to virtual reality can affect the user. You have to wonder what shutting out actual reality for that long will do to the human body and brain after it comes out of it.


The whole thing will be live streamed and can be viewed on the website that hosts it. A discussion of Cris’s quest will also be followed in the ‘100 Hours of Live-streaming VR’ forum on You can log on and express your thoughts and ideas on the whole thing and discuss the possibility of you trying out a similar marathon yourself.

Watch the video below



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