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2 Years to go; Apple also to launch its iPhone VR Headset

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Rumors are in the air that the beloved company, Apple Inc. may begin to partner itself with other technology based companies and developers in an effort to introduce virtual reality headsets as well as augmented reality products.

Apple’s CEO, Mr. Cook, has made our expectations higher as he states that the Apple headset will have many extraordinary functions which will grab the attention of its consumers. Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray has stressed on the fact that in just a few years, he thinks VR will be launched with Apple’s ‘Made for iPhone’ program and be more of a complementary technology for their main product, the iPhone.

Apple already has CarPlay which is its entertainment and infotainment system developed for self driving cars. This is yet another example of how Apple is looking in many directions.

Technology analysts believe that the IPhone VR headset would be another complementary technology such as the Apple Watch, but it’s important to note that Apple never stays behind in surprising its customers.

Mr. Munster expects that mixed reality will be a crucial part of Apple’s products being launched between 2021 and 2025. He also said, “Although it’s too early to say what the transition to VR/MR will mean to Apple’s model, we are confident Apple will be a significant player in creating the next computing paradigm.”

‘Innovator’s Dilemma’, a concept written by Clayton Christensen, is when a company hesitates to experiment into a new small market which has the potential to destroy the already made market of their previous products. But Apple does not go by this phenomenon.

Rather according to Mr. Munster, “Apple has historically cannibalized products including the iPod via the iPhone, Macs for a short time with iPads and perhaps again with the iPad Pro, and iPads with the iPhone 6/6s. While Apple has yet to launch a product that cannibalizes the iPhone franchise, we believe that the company realizes that the smartphone as we know it won’t last forever.”

The Apple iPhone 6s could not make place in the market as expected. Thus, Apple is pushing itself in the fields of virtual reality and augmented reality. They want to boost up their sales and make dreams come true for their consumers through usage of new technology and features in their future mobile phones.

It is further reported that Apple has hired an expert, Doug Bowman, who specializes in the field of VR. He is the one who is working within the Apple Company for newer innovations. The technological giant companies are looking at the VR market as their next target.

The Apple stock market is currently at its lowest at $106.48 whereas they are aiming to hit $172 as their share price.

Apple is always looking to innovate due to its fall in the stock market, its expectations that weren’t reached with the iPhone 6s and the never ending competition in the field of technology. New technology always needs to be incorporated for customers, to satisfy them and to keep them attracted towards their products. In another 2 years or so, you could be experiencing the new world of virtual reality through the Apple VR headset and you should expect many more Apple innovations along the way.

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