360-Degree Cameras and Why Travelers Should Have Them

The Reason 360-Degree Cameras Are Now 2016’s Must-Have Travel Companion

The Mini Documentaries of Oculus has Successfully Developed Virtual Reality Beyond Games

The new 360-degree photos and the videos that enable you to get a view of the subject from all possible angles have really got travel photographers and videographers going wild. Nowadays, these videos and videos can now be easily captured, it’s because 360-degree cameras and phones are now widely available. And recently, a lot of video-sharing sites have made necessary changes to cater to 360-degree media, including YouTube and Facebook. With these recent improvements, vloggers, tourists, and those working for television may have finally found the best way to share their stories.

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360-Degree Cameras

Why 360-Degree Cameras Have Become an Important Tool for Storytelling

“The real value with 360-degree video is the ability to capture a real travel experience and share it with the world,” says TV producer Daniel Bury.

“The impact on the travel industry is huge as the prospects of improving 360-degree virtual reality technology means that travelers have more ways of being engaged, and being more immersed in the virtual experience,” Rey Ong, managing partner at Convertical in Wan Chai, has stated.

The statement was followed by that of his colleague Kurt Tsui who said that it can make professionals out of us all. He said, “Everyone can be a tour guide, if they are willing to spend time on the internet to look for the VR information and prepare. Travelers do not need advice from travel agents anymore.”

Wayne Hu, vice-president for strategic marketing at Regal Hotels, which operates iClub, added, “360-degree photos and drones are out there, but they haven’t been used much for advertising campaigns. 360-degree photos speak a lot about whatever subject you’re taking, and since a lot of hotel photos look the same, we wanted a different perspective.”



Film coverage in 360 degrees

These videos captured using 360-degree cameras offer a new experience to viewers, it would guarantee an even more amazing picture when viewed using virtual reality headset. With this, people might think it would be too much of a hassle to film, but in reality, it’s not even close to being a disturbance. As a matter of fact, creation via Bury’s extraordinary lens attached to a customized camera is just like a “set and forget.”

“My 360-degree cameras are inconspicuous because I am not pointing a camera at anyone,” says Bury, who makes use of different rigs. “I set the 360-degree camera down and people forget about it, and I’m able to capture these powerful experiences in a very organic way it’s so exciting and I know I am on to something that is very big.”

Camera Views

Looking at the huge picture

Storytelling using 360-degree cameras have been tested by different broadcasters. One example of which is a news report filmed on a Greek island where boats carrying Syrian refugees landed. In a speech he gave at April’s CE China exhibition in Shenzhen, Paul Gray, principal analyst at IHS Technology Group, talked about utilizing the 360-degree in their news report, stating, “360-degree does enhance the experience, and we’re seeing VR tasters for marketing purposes, but also for news coverage.”

Gray continued, “Personally, I find it one of the most moving pieces of news coverage, and watching it on a VR headset is very different from watching it on TV, it’s much, much more personal.”

“Facebook 360 videos are short experiences, much like when film was first born at the turn of the 20th century when theaters played short videos of trains,” says Bury, who foresees that the likes of Netflix and National Geographic will finally join the 360-degree bandwagon.

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