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360fly Partners with Isle of Man on 360-Degrees Live Streaming


A leading maker of the single-lens camera that captures stitchless 360-degree video, 360fly just announced a partnership with the Isle of Man TT Races, which is expected to bring immersive 360-degree video and mobile virtual reality content to race fans all over the world. The camera will be adopted as the official 360-degree camera of Isle of Man TT. The 360fly will make use of its latest 4K camera technology to live-stream 360 content by means of the Livit platform and distribute playback content via Isle of Man TT’s social media channels.

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What 360fly Has in Store for Race Fans

Some of the fans who might not be able to physically attend the big event will be able to experience the race like never before through the immersive 4K video and mobile virtual reality. Content from the race paddock, rider press room, VIP hospitality and grandstand activation area, including on-bike footage from contending riders will be accessible on YouTube (Isle of Man TT and 360fly) and Facebook (Isle of Man TT and 360fly). More also, 360fly will be live streaming from the race paddock and rider pressroom. To enjoy all the possibilities, fans can download the free Livit Now mobile app on iOS or Android and follow @360fly.



“Isle of Man TT is an incredible event that the vast majority of race fans are unable to attend due to its secluded location,” Peter Adderton, 360fly CEO, says. “The ability to not only track rider perspectives, but also pan in 360-degrees across the Island’s breathtaking terrain, will bring an entirely new dimension to how fans experience this unparalleled racing event.”

Previously, virtual reality and immersive video were not at the top of our mind, thanks to string of recent publicity by major media companies such as Facebook and YouTube, VR purveyors such as Oculus Rift, and consumer-friendly 360-degree mobile VR cameras such as 360fly. All the categories can be broken down into two separate areas: the professional-grade category, 3D VR and consumer-level category, 360-degree 2D video (aka “mobile virtual reality”).


The 360fly is specializing in consumer-level 360-degree video, with the potential to bring immersive video and mobile VR to the masses with its affordable camera potentials and its instinctive mobile app. The 360fly allows users to effortlessly shoot, edit, and share 360-degree video to popular social platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and more.

The 360fly is here to enhance consumers’ ability to not only track rider perspectives but also pan in 360-degrees across the Island’s breathtaking terrain, and this will bring an entirely new dimension to how fans experience racing events. It is a new dimension to the entire entertainment industry and racing events in particular. The company promises a new dimension as well as a new reality.

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