3D Rendering of Tesla's Model 3 Allows Users to Have a Detailed Look at the Car

Marvel at the Interactive 3D Render of the Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Even with its design not being a secret anymore and even though a lot of videos from the car’s launching event are all over the Web, Tesla is still trying to hide this masterpiece from the world by releasing only a few Model 3 pictures. And apparently, they still would not allow you view the future electric sedan from vantage point desirable to you.

Why Tesla Just Won’t Reveal So Much About Model 3

`They’ve been very secretive and there’s a very valid reason for that.

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It’s a reason that has been said a lot of times, actually. Model 3’s design isn’t a closed affair, at least not yet. And Tesla just does not want people to get used to a model that nobody is sure enough will make it on the production car. So the best option for now, as Elon Musk’s company sees it, is to keep it low.

People are, however, curious, and some of these curious minds are technically, creatively, and artistically blessed. And when these characteristics meet, something as great as an interactive 3D rendering is born, providing us with the chance to have a more detailed look at the upcoming EV, which is expected to make history and change a lot of things in the car manufacturing industry. What one has to do is to simply use the mouse to rotate the image, go into full screen with details, and view the 3D model in HD.



If you’re a new virtual reality user and have access to some sort of VR headset (Google Cardboard should do the trick), you can even enter virtual reality alongside the Model 3. The author’s name is Mike Pan, and he’s based in Vancouver, Canada, where he “dabbles in 3D art, programming, game-making, book-writing, and photography.

Mark’s rendering of the Model 3 is very impressive, considering he does not have access to some unreleased information on the car, but it isn’t very precise, which is understandable.

Comparing the image provided by Pan and the official image released by Tesla themselves, putting them side by side, the differences are pretty obvious. The renderings in Mike’s overhangs are dramatically short (especially since the ones on the real car are already very short), and there are a number of things that are flawed in the rear end.

Aerodynamic Car

The roofline is also way too dropped at the back, which would make the Model 3 a very unpractical five-seater in reality. Not much space was left for the trunk, either, even though Mike did push the seats forward in a great extent. It’s not perfect, but it’s been compiled based solely on the same material that’s accessible to everyone, so Mike Pan deserves all the credit there. He says it took him around two weeks of work to create.

Watch the video below



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