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4 Amazing Things to Do With VR, Other Than Gaming

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With an ascent in the prevalence of VR gaming, all eyes are turning towards virtual reality. HBO and Discovery just last week, published that they were putting resources into virtual reality, that automatically implies that we are going to be seeing a virtual Westeros and more Discovery VR, or so some think. While films and television are attempting to kick off VR, gaming has gotten an entirely decent handle on it. In any case, what else will virtual reality influence? We have a significant rundown of four interesting activities in ordinary life that will more than likely turn into a virtual reality involvement later on.

1. Dating Fixing


A lot of people have expressed that in today’s educated advanced age, staying in is the new going out, on the grounds that you have all that you require readily available at the click of a button. Furthermore, with dating moving to portable stages on applications like Tinder, all it takes is a couple swipes and a few writings to set up a night out on the town or become more acquainted with an outsider. Without breaking a sweat of dating impaired to a solitary swipe of the finger, consider the possibility that the total of dating should be possible through a virtual reality headset. As opposed to staring at line after bleeding line of text in an online chat platform, it would most preferable to meet in a virtual bar where lots of virtual individuals are blending in. You’d never need to go out to meet an introductory engagement; rather, you’d do it all from the solace of your front room—in your night wear with untidy hair (hmmm, that rhymes: night wear, untidy hair…lol) and no shower. Looking at how well Tinder has turned out, it wouldn’t be the least shocking if a dating application for a VR headset soars into stardom in much the same way. Dating will get lazier and lazier eventually as time progresses, it’s inescapable.

2. Shopping



It’s baffling to some people that other people say shopping is their favorite hobby, as they don’t see the fun in spending away hard earned cash. Well, most of us still shop anyway, one way or another, online or otherwise. So really, imagine this, how easy do you think it would be to just kick back and submerge yourself into an intelligent, virtual reality interface of Amazon where you can see a thing (turn it around, examine it) before buying.

3. Ordering Food


Some eateries have an Apple iPad at every table where every gathering requests what they need through the iPad. Microsoft likewise included a Domino’s Pizza application that gives clients a chance to request pizza straight through their console, so who’s to say you won’t have the same capacity to do likewise through a VR headset? Placing an order for, say, pizza in virtual reality makes the experience significantly more exciting and could also provide a superb medium for promoting to eateries. It would be pretty cool to order milk shakes in VR.

4. Concerts


This is one area of VR is heading to that will be a subject of much controversy. While it has its strengths, it also has its accompanying weaknesses which would make for a difficult choice of whether to attend a concert or not.

Here let us play the good cop, bad cop routine:

Good cop (Advantages)

You don’t have to transport yourself to the venue of the concert or pay for parking space. You don’t have to queue for ticket. I have had my pocket picked twice so this VR concert idea comes in handy in that regard. You can order junk while in concert (which cannot have in real life, unless you wanna lose your sit). Also, you are in totally control of the volume (we all know that people come out of shows partially deaf). Okay, that’s about it, if you have any more please feel free to post it in the comment.


Bad cop (Disadvantages)

One of the major thrills of going for a concert is seeing the artists live on stage and also that possibility of actually meeting them in person. If Eminem were to be having a concert in your city, you’d risk the possibility of having your pockets picked, queuing, dealing with the myriad of body odors, and no junk food just for a chance that you might meet him in person. The VR concert attendance totally ruins that possibility.

And also very important, the chance to meet and hook up with a cute chick after the show, which lots of guys try to do, successfully or not.

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