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5 Awesome Travel Apps

Vroom Service Kit

There are a lot of ways to utilize VR, including “traveling” without having to really go anywhere. As VR continues to grow, more apps are sure to be created. There are already some pretty cool apps though.

Below are 5 apps that are as of now beginning to lead the way in the travel industry.

1) Lufthansa is a German airliner who created many 360 degree videos in San Francisco, Hong Kong, Beijing, Miami, New York and Tokyo. The clips are 46 minutes each and lets the consumers view a large area in each city.


2) In 2015, Marriott launched the “VRoom Service” in partnership with Samsung. The way it works is that guests can borrow a Gear VR headset and then immerse themselves in three “VR Postcards” where they can essentially tour a local area while learning about that location.

Vroom Service Kit

3) GoPro via it’s Odyssey utilizes 16 Hero4 Black cameras that captures an amazing 8k panoramic view. The videos are typically short and very entertaining including extreme sports and beautiful locations.


4) Google Street View has been in the game for several years as it’s allowed consumers to view a lot of places throughout the world. The Google Street View app works with compatible viewers such as Google Cardboard to help people “transport” to where they’re viewing.


5) Discovery is yet another major corporation that has thrown their hat into the virtual reality ring. The Discovery VR initiative allows users to do everything from learning to find food in the wild to swimming with sharks.


There are a few other cool apps already out and of course, many more to come.

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