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5 Awesome Virtual Reality Games for Mobile and PC

Picking best virtual reality games is tricky because many best VR experiences are not the top games, and vice versa. Many of you may love Team fortress 2, but at the same time you don’t want to get motion sickness. There are some which you hardly want to call games, and others take entertainment to a whole new level. You probably have found games that are good, but most of them probably are limited to demos. If you are looking for games that gives you best overall experience then we have made a list of virtual reality games that we think are best, if you agree with us, do let us know.

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5 best Virtual Reality games

Star Wars Trials

1. Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine – If you want best VR experience then don’t forget to try this game on PlayStation. It is better than Star Wars Battlefront, it gives impressive experience and suitable for HTC Vive. Instead of searching for methods to integrate VR into existing games, ILMx-Lab has designed an amazing rendition of popular Star Wars universe. Though it’s shown only at a demo this year, it lets you hit Stormtroopers blasts with lightsabers and pet R2D2. Surely, you can guess that this demo was planned for something big.


2. Arizona Sunshine: There will come a time when you’ll be sick of playing zombie games in VR, but how does it sound getting close to the smell of rotting flesh? Vertigo Games is making it possible by shaping up the graphical interface. As one of the first VR games, it will utilize HTC Vive controllers to help you blow up enemies.




3. System Shock 3: The announcement itself was exciting, now studio is developing it. The development team is giving it virtual reality treatment. Very little is known about sequel to excellent system shock 2, other than that it will feature SHODAN. Otherside Entertainment, its development team, asked number of questions from gamers, so there is a high chance that System Shock 3 will come to consoles and PC.


4. Rigs: Mechanized Combat League – If you are a true gamer, you probably want to pilot a massive MECH in virtual reality. You can get the chance to ride on in this game, a project that is heading to the PS4. The game is set 50 years in the future where you control rigs, and pilot athletic machines. It is a weapon based sport that is futuristic, and lets you shoot lasers, Plasma Cannons and rockets. You will need jumping jets to avoid enemy attacks, the game is set to offer quality graphics and high control.


5. P.O.L.L.E.N: One of draws of virtual Reality is immersion, which is something that this game is focusing upon. It has little different affairs than Aliens: An isolation of world so that there are no monster to speak of. Instead of focusing upon alien affairs, it is about adventure; you have to focus on picking objects and observing them to find clues. You have to find what happened to the space station you are currently exploring.

It was in development for more than two years by Mindfield games, a Finland based team. This game reeks of science fiction movie, it is somewhat similar to space odyssey and Solaris. There are some gorgeous graphics that could make this game modern Virtual reality game equivalent.

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