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5 Best VR Games to Include in Your Wish List

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With the release of Oculus Rift, the era of Virtual Reality is now upon us. It’s genuine, it’s remarkable, and it will be huge. So, if you are thinking of grabbing the best headsets, you will need access to some of the best VR games too. It is not just the Oculus Rift, with the release of new headsets, more and more games are being released. We’ve come up with the list of the 5 best VR games for the fans.


These games are waiting for you to play them. Right off the bat, here’s 5 of the best games:

1) Adr1ft

It is available for the standard display too, Adr1ft is the game that takes you to a journey into outer space. You are roaming in the space station where you discover that your team members are dead, the station has been obliterated and you are low on the oxygen supply.

The stress is high and it is uplifted by the authenticity of space created by the virtual experience. Even the zero-gravity you’ll encounter through your VR headset is going to feel realistic.


2) The Talos Principle

This is a very cool puzzle game. Soliciting the significance from life and teasing you for questioning all that you know, The Talos Principle wires the logic and the philosophy for maybe the greatest workout your mind has done.
The VR version of this games takes the player right into the game, compelling you to get involved in it even challenges your convictions. It’s unquestionably a game not to miss.


3) Dirty Rally

Dirty Rally is an awesome rally experience. The game features the best autos and tracks and flawless, graphics. If you are a fan of driving games, Dirty Rally should be on your fan’s list.

Including VR in with the general mish-mash of your games collection can sweeten the deal. But remember, you may get nausea as you will be hitting the car around sharp corners. On the whole, if you like driving games you’re sure to enjoy this.

2855354 dirt12

4) Battlezone

Remastering on the classic and introducing it to the people of a new generation, Battlezone is the VR game that places you in a tank as you draw in the warfare to protect human civilization. It is going to be launched for PlayStation VR in October 2016. Battlezone’s version of last year was indeed the kind of game you would want to get your hands on. Who would have thought that driving in a virtual tank could be so entertaining.

Battlezone 13

5) EVE: Valkyrie

EVE: Valkyrie was among the games that were released with Oculus Rift. It is going to be a multiplayer dogfighting shooter game that has been designed to provide the best VR experience.

The game sets in space (a typical area for VR titles……but why not?!). You are going to get a fighter ship, and you will be facing the rival pilots using it. As the character is updated, you can ship to be the best warrior.


These are 5 of the best games, but arguably there are more that could be on this list. There are some pretty cool games that have come out and while there aren’t that many out yet, there is sure to be lots more entertaining VR games to be released in the months and years to come.

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