5 Amazing Uses for All-in-One Virtual Reality Headsets

5 Uses for All-in-One VR Headsets

Amazing Uses of Virtual Reality Headsets

The concept of an all-in-one virtual reality headset seemed absolutely unworkable initially. Would anyone want to invest several hundred dollars on technology that would become archaic in a blink of an eye?

With mobile-based headsets, one still invests several hundreds of dollars on technology-majorly on the phone though. The headset is more like a box with lenses and probably some added buttons and sensors. The phone usually gets replaced every year or two; replacing the headset however isn’t costly (about a few bucks).

Regardless of the expense, all-in-one headsets are not likely to have as much computing power as a high-end desktop. Else, they would be too large, hot and loud and not even practicable.

Below are some cases where the all-in-one headsets would be workable.

1) Roller coasters

The addition of virtual reality headsets to roller coasters could pose a whole new experience even with an unattractive boring old coaster. A customized all-in-one headset can be made specifically for roller coaster rides to offer better graphics and efficiency than mobile-based sets. Hence, creating a whole new experience.

samsung vr coaster

2) Hotel rooms

An all-in one headset is a workable compromise compared to a tethered headset which requires high-end PCs or a mobile-based headset which is phone-specific. For example, the $450 Aura Visor, at $20 a pop, hotels would earn back their investment in a blink of an eye. The all-in-one headset is a way of giving the guests a little something extra and special.

VR Bangers cropped

3) Airplanes

An all-in-one headset could give performance, customized hardware and software and an affordable cost. Quite a number of airplanes already give their passengers Gear VR headsets to keep them entertained during long flights.

inflight entertainment system


4) Virtual reality arenas

Early virtual reality arenas keep computers inside the players’ backpacks while they run around actual physical environments fighting aliens or zombies. An all-in-one headset provides an almost equal degree of performance. However, it is lighter.

virtual reality arenas

5) Marketing and sales

Quite a number of companies engage virtual reality to market products and display immersive experiences. Some big communications vendor give a virtual tour of their security operations center for example.

Even real estate agencies now give tours of high-end properties. Travel agencies also give tours of hotels, cruise ships and expensive vacation experiences.

worldviz enterprise vr

All of these are made easier with the all-in-one headsets.

One wouldn’t want to inconvenience the customer with a web of cables, but rather offer the most high-end immersive experience one can get.

Virtual Reality Headsets on the Limelight

What is on the market now?

The Aura Visor and the Pico Neo headsets are still on pre-order. However, the Aura Visor was supposed to start shipping in April. Both headsets have excellent performance and two display screens.

Other headsets are also available like the $422 Letv from GearBest, $240 AntVR on GearBest, $283 MagicSee on Gearbest, $319 DeePoon on GearBest and the $155 HAA544 AIO on GeekBuying.

All reviews can be found online.

Other companies working on the all-in-one headsets with no release dates yet include Idealens and Samsung.

Also, Google is rumored to be doing something too.

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