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6 Glorious Virtual Reality Experiences

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VR is not something that you thought that you would be able to have in the home anytime recently, but now it is possible. There are a few experiences out there that you simply must have and that means that you will love every moment.

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VR is something that is coming in a way that we could have never expected and there are new releases that are happening all the time and that mean that there are always going to be new improvements as well to the new tools.

One thing that is very clear is that VR is making a huge impact and that there are many experiences that are out there that do not require an interest in gaming to enjoy them. There are also other options that are out there for you to enjoy some incredible experiences in real life. These are things that are simple as well as ensure that you will be able to enjoy many things and even check out your street on Google.

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Best Virtual Reality Experiences You Must Try Right Now

The Everest VR Experience

This is one that is quite incredible and was developed by Vive, this is an experience that puts you at the top of the mountain and allows you to see how it is possible for you to reach the top of the mountain. The VR experience is all about making sure that you can use the tool to take you to places that you are not able to have anywhere else. What that means is that you will be able to see an incredible side of the world.

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The Pixel Power to The Pixel Experience

This experience is brought about by BFI London Film Festival. Power to the Pixel is an exhibition that’s free of charge and shows people 16 different VR stories on a wide range of topics that can be viewed with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Gear VR headset.

Pixel Power vr

The CityVR Experience

This is an incredible experience that allows you to see the city of Manchester. You will love to get through the stadium and seeing the way that the team is able to play around you. You will be able to experience the pitch as well in the virtual sense and you will enjoy every moment.

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The Locke and Key Experience

This is an incredible way to allow you to enjoy the beauty of the experience as well as to see the way that the Locke and Key audiobook was recently released. This is a full VR experience that will allow you to enjoy the incredible beauty as well of the experience.

audiblecom locke key virtual reality experience

The First Life VR Experience

This is an incredible virtual reality experiences that will allow you to see what life was like in the past and to enjoy everything about it. There are many incredible options that are out there to allow you to see the 3D portrayal of all of life’s earliest animal forms.

First Life VR Experience

The ABC News Experience

The ABC News experience allows you to be right in the middle of the news experience. You will appreciate everything about this as it is like being in the middle of current events and in addition to that you will be able to see from a birds eye view all of the reporting. A correspondent from ABC walks you around the capital of Syria while explaining different significant artifacts.

ABC News Experience

These are the types of VR experiences that must be had for you to understand the power of the technology.

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