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$60,000 Reality Camera

Nokia OZO

Nokia sold its mobile business to Microsoft in 2014. That was a big move but they’re making yet another big move now. Nokia Technologies announced that they’re debuting a $60,000 camera. That camera is called the OZO Professional VR camera.

It’s able to record 360-degree video and audio in full stereoscopic 3D, however, the camera is only made to capture footage for VR headsets.

It’s a slick, grey, sphere with 8 lenses inside of it. There are also 8 microphones. Nokia has run tests with the camera at NASA in immersion pools. Nokia Technologies’ President, Ramzi Haidamus, said, “OZO enables the creation of immersive virtual reality experiences that actually move us emotionally, and move us to act. Through OZO we can feel more present in the lives of people we’ve never met, and widen the circle of empathy in ways we could never have imagined before. Technology that moves us this deeply is technology that moves us all forward.”

Nokia has more exciting plans for the future. The company is going to partner with Deluxe. Deluxe’s CEO, John Wallace, said that they’re going to provide Nokia with “high quality post production services for OZO VR content, including editorial, stitching, and color.”

Since the OZO camera is $60,000, it’s of course more so for professionals with big budgets. Nokia says that they plan to have a more affordable option to the OZO camera soon.

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