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How To Advertise VR Games

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While VR games are new, so are the way companies will advertise them. It makes you wonder, since VR games are 3D and that’s so attractive, how do companies plan on advertising how cool it is to people that are seeing it in 2D?


Virtual reality is one of those things that needs to be experienced in order to really understand it.

You could describe VR, but it’s simply not the same.

So this could pose a real issue for companies trying to advertise their VR games, videos, headsets, etc.

Especially with games, one of the biggest ways companies typically advertise them is through trailer videos. Since they won’t be able to show the virtual reality 3D aspects to people that are looking through a 2D lens, it will be tough for them to create trailer videos that are effective.

One of the ways companies can solve this is by overlaying a video of the player into the game world (basically standing in front of a projection of the VR game). Audioshield tried that for their first trailer and it seemed to work pretty well.


Watch the video below



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