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The Most Affordable VR Headsets on Sale Now

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The age of Virtual Reality is almost insidiously dawning on the world given the flurry of VR being released this year. There has been a buzz around virtual reality (VR) for as long as couple of years, with the buzz building a lot in 2016.

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Some of this has originated from the extensive improvement of gadgets like Oculus Rift, and additionally through a developing enthusiasm for the inherent potential of VR in this present day and time. So, without any delay, we’ve listed some of the most affordable VR systems currently available. With any of these, you can enjoy a great VR experience without breaking the bank, wallet, or plastic pig.


Google Cardboard

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Google Cardboard was initially announced in 2014, truly a collapsing cardboard compartment into which a cell phone could be put. The excellence of Google Cardboard is two-fold: firstly, the equipment expense is verging on insignificant, regularly free, and also, it’s adaptable, supporting an extensive variety of cell phone models – basically, anything that can be safely mounted into the front.

Google Cardboard is something of a breakaway achievement, permitting individuals to test VR substance (be that from Google or somewhere else), without investing in a more generous framework: Google reports that 5 million Cardboard pieces have delivered. Google has a scope of uses for the gadget, and has highlighted VR for improvement and capitalize on in time to come. Imperatively, Cardboard is not just a term for this cardboard viewer, it is also the name of the Google VR program.


Cardboard makes a whole lot of sense and if you wanna wade through the waters of VR, this is the spot to begin. It only costs $22, it doesn’t get any cheaper than that (i.e. if you already own an android phone)


Pocket Lint

Homido falls into the classification of gadgets, similar to the Zeiss VR One, that gives you a more generous bit of equipment, however functions similarly as Google Cardboard.

For this situation there’s a compartment on the front into which you can slip in your mobile phone, and you can then buckle the set to your head to see your VR features.

For this situation, it’s somewhat less expensive, so you can grab one of these pieces for around £50, so in case you’re somewhat more of a VR fan and believe that Cardboard will get really distressing sticking it to your head with your hands, then Homido may be an answer for you. It’s shabby, simple and broadly accessible right now.


Samsung Gear VR

Samsung was one of the first tech firms to venture into VR, releasing the Gear VR headset, in collaboration with Oculus, and engineered to work with a cell phone, as opposed to requiring being plugged to a PC or console. There have been several renditions of Gear VR, supporting various distinctive cell phone models from Samsung, with the phones flawlessly sliding into the compartment at the front. Inside there are lenses to divide the screen display into two, one for each eye and with Samsung’s most recent gadgets packing high graphic rendition, a stunning visual display results..

Pocket Lint

Samsung Gear VR has been utilized as a part of various business settings, such auto showrooms, however with Samsung offering a variety of features from Oculus, it’s a simple choice for those with a Samsung smartphone. Gear VR is accessible for around $100, and there’s a discretionary controller as well, which you can get for about $60, but can totally do without.

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