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Alibaba Hopes to Bring Virtual Reality To E-Commerce

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The advantage of online shopping is that you have pretty much access to any store in the world that has a website and you can easily render through the whole store, without any type of hurdles, in any country. You just have to choose your favorite item and simply by placing an order your orders are being shipped by store holders.

Alibaba is hoping to alter that as they have made an announcement about the launch of their own VR research lab, Gnome Magic Lab. They are actually working on an idea of merging its online shopping business to virtual reality. By doing so, users can still shop online with a comfort of staying at home, but at the same time, they can browse the whole store as they were physically there.

In his views, Zhao Haiping, a former Facebook engineer working with the team of Alibaba Gnome Magic lab, he has suggested that through VR, customers can shop from online store by being there without physically being there. This idea seems to be the pretty efficient idea.

It is expected that it will possibly take awhile for such an idea to be executed, but as given there is number of companies who invested heavily in VR at the moment, such as Facebook, HTC, Valve, Sony, Samsung and Google just to name a few. With a bit of luck, it will not take too long for this entire plan to be achieved in a big way.

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