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Alibaba is Introducing Virtual Reality into its E-Commerce Services


Alibaba has finally joined the virtual reality market after announcing its own VR scientific laboratory. The company is heavily financing the reality company Magic Leap and in the deal, the Vice Chairman of the company quoted that they had produced 360 high quality video to the Chinese video site which they are also thinking about acquiring for over $3.5 billion. They said that their 400 million users will be able to experiment more with the new VR while getting the other main application like entertainment and the rest.

Shopping will be a lot easier for consumers who will be using VR to buy goods from the comfort of their homes. Producers also are considered because they also use it to sell of their products online. As for now they are setting up multi-stores which will be selling VR hardware to the manufacturers to get to the consumers more easily.

Alibaba Virtual Reality

Since VR is the main thing now, companies like Samsung have already transported their headset on the other hand Facebook bought Occulus which will bring to market Rift RV and 30 new games. HTC hasn’t been left behind and so is Sony.

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