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Amazon Forays into Original Virtual Reality Content

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Virtual reality and its content has been making its rounds in many sectors of entertainment, business and art and Amazon is finally delving into virtual reality original content. They are rumored to be in negotiation with VR content makers for original content for their prime video platform. This new information was cued from a report from The Wrap and sources who are close to the subject told the publication company of the steps Amazon is reported to have taken with respect to developing original virtual reality content.


Amazon Studios Takes Point in Negotiations

According to these sources, negotiations are still in their early stages and Amazon Studios, the department responsible for TV series such as “Orphan Black”, “Man in the high castle” and “Mozart in the Jungle” is reported to be in charge of discussions. Although Amazon has since declined to comment on the issue, in the event that they do proceed into virtual reality content, it will be perfect timing as popular companies such as Facebook and HTC are already gearing up to enter into that space and this spells more content for entertainment. The VR headsets available now are mainly for gaming and entertainment is still an avenue fresh for exploration.


Amazon Keeping Up Pace with the VR Market

Companies such as Netflix and Hulu are already creating and offering VR platforms and modes which their users can switch to in order to view their content through the VR headsets. These headsets are fast going to become an integral part of every living room and Amazon is taking steps to ensure they are part of this major shift in consumer behavior.


Amazon is one of the few companies adapting virtual reality and they recently allowed users sign up for Prime video independently as a stand-alone service instead of paying the annual subscription fee of $99 for the all-rounder service. Amazon studios has been responsible for some great TV shows and it will be a joy to watch them on virtual reality.


The Steps Amazon Is Taking To Compete In the VR Industry

From all indications it would seem that Amazon wants to have an in-house content creation team as they have in the past posted job listings for experienced hands in the VR content distribution methods. They have also been experimenting with augmented reality and recent patent fillings show that the company has invented a headset which is capable of relaying streamed content from a tablet straight to the user via the headset.

It is still not clear exactly what kind of practical applications Amazon intends for the virtual and augmented reality but what is clear is that Amazon is taking steps in the right direction. Since Amazon waived the annual $99 fee for its prime video, users are more likely to sign up for this service and this means that as soon as the company releases VR content, it will already have an active subscriber base ready to benefit from the VR content. This new way of accessing Amazon’s content will be a very welcome change for Amazon.

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