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AMD and Crytek Partnership

AMD and Crytek Partner

AMD announced that they’re partnering with Crytek, a game developer studio. The goal of the partnership is to supply universities and colleges with hardware and software so that they can have dedicated VR labs.

Crytek established a “VR First” initiative to help supply educational institutions with a “ready-made” VR solution for their students, developers and researchers.

Crytek is well known for their CRYENGINE solution as well as games like Far Cry and Crysis 3. They announced their VR initiative in January 2016.


The company (Crytek), said, “VR First seeks to empower the development talent of tomorrow by ensuring academic institutions around thew orld are equipped toe up port their ambitions in this exciting new field. The initial VR First Lab opens its doors today at Instanbul’s Bahcesehir University and will act as a pilot destination for the scheme. Crytek and the program’s affiliate hope to ensure every VR First lab facilitates users to play a key part in shaping the future of VR.”

The Crytek website says that developers will have the following “powerful PCs, full CRYENGINE source code, and state of the art VR headsets.”

In AMD’s press release, the company said that they along with Crytek are committed to funding grassroots VR development for a very long time.


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