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AMD Is Creating a Graphics Board Powerful Enough to Cater to Your VR Needs

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AMD showed us glimpses of the Pro Duo last month as a graphics solution that is powerful enough to run the virtual reality version of the popular game Assassins Creed. They waited a few weeks to launch the dual GPU card is a somewhat official manner that mirrors its “tweener” status in the graphics board market. Virtual reality is a quickly merging field in technology and we have already seen various product launches and content released for the virtual reality environment. One thing that will be in high demand upon full adoption of this technology is adequate graphics solution to provide the full immersive experience especially for gamers and this is what AMD is working towards with their latest graphics board.

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No Review Samples Just Yet

They strayed away from the usual release trend that includes benchmark-based testing form third part sites and apparently they aren’t sending gout any review samples. The product page on AMD official site only provides an email notification form for when the Pro Duo will actually be available. The in-between of the card’s release is very similar to the positioning that the card is not just restricted for gaming purposes but also for content professionals. As a matter of fact, separate drivers will be available in different versions for the gaming and the professional applications.



The ProDuo Specs

The ProDuo consists of two Radeon R9 Fury X GPUs which make use of the Fiji technology rather than the AMD Polaris architecture. This version is kept cooler with an integrated cooling system. This card according to AMD will be the fastest desktop graphics card to date besting the NVidia GeForce GTX in performance by a whopping 50 percent. Although there are no independent sources to confirm this at this time. The card also comes with 8GB of High bandwidth memory, 8192 stream processors and a PCIe 3.0 interface.


Aspirations of the Product

The company hopes this new virtual reality market will provide a fresh set of buyers who can afford its pricey card which is going to cost $1500 when it is eventually launched. Although there have been various other desktop cards that costs just as much as the ProDuo, the number of consumer gamers who can afford to pay more than most PCs cost in their entirety for just a graphics board is still very few. If virtual reality takes up as expected and it goes mainstream, AMD may well be adequately positioned to take full advantage of the imminent demand for optimized and powerful graphics solutions that will bring these virtual reality experiences to life in gaming and in videos.
We can surely expect other graphics board solution providers like NVidia to match these efforts almost immediately but nonetheless, the pioneering efforts from AMD will surely reap its own rewards as they may well be the first to hit the market.

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