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AMD’s Virtual Graphics Card Is More Powerful But Costs More

AMD graphics card

The data needed to make the VR headset function is quite, costly, that’s why the hardware used by the manufacturers will be quite unique. That’s what AMD presented at the game developers conference recently. The news will bring about a most powerful kind of graphics while offering new challenges by using simple techniques. Merging 2 GPUs on a board which means that a higher amount of computing power of 16 teraflops will be implemented higher than that of Nvidia Titan X which only produce7 teraflops of the total power. This number changes the linear balancing completely.


Though it’s not that different in terms of power input, it contains 2 AMDs fury X cards simplify functions together a simple task that can be done right now when one has a bigger case and lots of cash will be saved. This is quite expensive and the card is targeting a certain group of people, the game manufacturers using the Virtual Reality. You can play a variety of games using the PRO DUO on the Oculus Rift though it doesn’t have a match point for an ordinary customer, it’s worth having it.


Watch the video below



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