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Applications of Virtual Reality: 3-D Food Printing and More

Applications of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is far immersive than anything ever created in the technology world. And it is expanding at a very rapid rate. There is a growing number of people who prefer virtual reality to the real world. To them the real world is a boring depressing environment unlike a virtual one.

In the last one year, there has been a tremendous boost in the applications of virtual reality. Numerous industries are finding more uses of the new technology. VR has been used in video gaming, the health sector, education, and the porn industry.

Major Companies Behind VR

Companies like Facebook, Google, HTC, and Sony are also leaping into the virtual reality industry. Facebook bought Oculus for a large amount of money and they didn’t stop there. They have released a rookie VR that allows users to insert their friend into selfies.

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Rookie VR

Humans experience a lot of sorrows and troubles in their lifetime and they need to forget all these. There is the constant need for entertainment and transportation to other worlds. This is one of the major reasons people are drawn to arts and literature.

Virtual reality answers this demand in an even more satisfactory and immersive manner. No one knows the limit of how far virtual reality can go, as it is still a relatively new technology. It can be combined with other sensory stimuli to bring about a more immersive experience. Some virtual realities make use of large fans to simulate a windy environment, while some VRs make use of aromas and scents to further immerse users into virtual environments.

And it isn’t stopping there. It is only just beginning. The possible modifications and future enhancements would surely be mind-blowing.

Applications of Virtual Reality

The most popular of all the applications of virtual reality is video gaming. Most virtual reality headsets on the market are for use by gamers. Some video games like Surgeon Simulator are now available on VR headsets like the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. There are some games made exclusively for VR. There is nothing like being in the cockpit of a fighter jet and blasting enemy planes away in VR.

HTC Vive

Apart from gaming, another one of the most important applications of virtual reality is in fields like sports, science, education, military training, media, business, tourism, and fashion.

Before surgeries are actually performed, they can be simulated. The 3D models of the patient’s body can be constructed from CAT scans and ultrasound. The virtual models can be utilized by both amateur and professional surgeons to determine the safest and most efficient methods of conducting surgeries.

The military has different VR simulators, which are used to train soldiers before they are deployed to the battlefield. Games like Unity 3D and Virtual Battlespace 2 are used to prepare troops for combat.

The Google Cardboard has a lot of useful VR applications for education. Other platforms like the Oculus Rift are not left out as they also have engaging educational VR apps. Virtual reality is more immersive and engaging for students and provides faster modes of learning.

Google Cardboard

There are some more little-known practical applications of virtual reality too.

VR could be used to develop the art of public speaking. An app for the Oculus Rift puts users in a room packed full of people. The user addresses the audience while the app evaluates the user and lets them knows their flaws. The app is dynamic as audience size and attitude can be adjusted.

And coming to the sometimes-infamous area of sex, virtual reality has a variety of usage in the sex business. Virtual porn now exists, some virtual reality porn even allows couples to perform in virtual threesomes. VR gender swap now exists. Forbes even predicts the evolution of VR sex robots.

The question of how far VR would go is a very wide one and as with technology, no one can tell for sure. There would be many who would prefer the virtual world to the real world and would not want to leave the virtual world for anything. Some are already addicted to video games and VR addiction could be more deadly.

There is even a very interesting combination of VR and 3-D-printed food.

There are some out there who need to stop imbibing too much VR and actually experience the physical world for themselves. But companies who make much money from VR wouldn’t want this.

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