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Applications of Virtual Reality in Drone Technology

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Virtual reality is here, whether it be through the units such as the Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, or the several phone companies who have released some headsets. And while the initial acceptors of this technology may find it cool, there is an application of virtual reality about which it has the potential for that has hardly been spoken about. This application is to connect virtual reality with drones.


Recently, GoPro launched a website named GoPro VR. The Motley Fool says that this is a website for the users of the GoPro to share their own virtual reality creations by using the action cameras of the company. Now, GoPro also released a cage that can hold a number of cameras pointed in different directions, but what will happen if they will release a cage that’s smaller with the Hero4 Session cameras that are much smaller than a usual GoPro, and put that cage on a big consumer drone? With such a headset, the viewer will feel the same as if they were flying like Superman, but this is only the start. The applications of this combo are boundless.


While the drones have been used for the purpose of rescue and search, imagine a complete squadron of drones that are searching places for the missing children. Positioning four to five drones for this work could increase the search places. Fire departments can also use those drones to actually estimate a large structure fire, or into the places such as Chernobyl disaster zone, where the situations are not safe for the humans to spend long amounts of time. According to a report by Reuters, there are the people had moved back to their houses in the disaster zone, about 30 years after the nuclear disaster, but they are still facing the risks of radiation poisoning. While no one may be able to stop them from entering the zone, researchers and even law enforcement agencies can use the drone to scout and patrol the zone without the risks of radiation exposure.


The other option for virtual reality drones could be on the football field. During the practice sessions, the coaching staff can use a couple of drones flying around the field, allowing the coaching staff to recreate something that the players are doing wrong. Truly, the uses are endless to what these virtual reality drones could accomplish that are good for the world.


Virtual reality drones can even be used to expand the sports realm, placing them all around stadiums and arenas will offer virtual reality live streaming of the sports events and music concerts to the fans that are not present in the event due to some reason, they can also avail the opportunity to feel like they are in the first row. Forbes reported that there is virtual reality content available for Coachella and Lollapalooza festivals that show some concerts live, but mostly behind the scenes footage.

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