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Some of the AR and VR Companies to Look Out for in 2016’s SVVR Expo


Virtual reality and augmented reality have been getting a lot of attention from gaming and entertainment industries but there are still a number of businesses that are working on developing solutions and platforms for a wide variety of sectors outside of entertainment and gaming. A lot of these companies came to this year’s Silicon Valley virtual reality conference to showcase their products and services in this domain and here are some of the most interesting companies that made the event.



This company specializes in augmented reality and they have manufactured a headset with a 90 degree field of view and a 2560 x 1440 high DPI display. The company gave demonstrations of some of its features during the conference showing what they have done with AR and online shopping. The developer kit for the Meta 2 will be released in Q3 and it will be available for less than $1000.

ForgeFX Training Simulations


This company deals primarily with industrial training simulations with the aid of virtual reality. At the conference, they demoed one of the simulations and showed us how they trained airport workers on how to de-ice the wing of a plane. The system responded to real life commands and even matched the 1-second delay that the system has in real life.



As the name suggest they have something to do with space. They have designed and manufactured a satellite camera that can be sent to orbit in 2017 and subsequently stream its journey around the earth in virtual reality. They are selling subscriptions to this show and you can get access to it with a headset on your head.




This company specializes in live streaming for use in virtual reality games. Just like Twitch but this time specifically for virtual reality. With their technology, instead of just sitting by and watching somebody play games, you can now be in the game with them.



This is a social virtual reality experience that was founded three years ago in 2013. You can do a lot of things in Altspace like play Dungeons and Dragons, learn and practice a new language, or even attend a tech focused event as an avatar. During the conference AltspaceVR launched a Slack integrating which will allow users go from Slack straight into a virtual reality call.



This is a platform where buyers and sellers can engage in a virtual store and do business. This experience is similar to a “Matrix movie gun selection scene” according to their website.



This one is designed for rehabilitation. The platform makes use of gamification in physical and occupational therapy. It is also capable of collecting data on movement during the course of rehabilitation.

These are only some of the interesting companies and platforms and there are so many more with arguably equal or more intrigue. All of these companies are doing really great work and they are moving the frontiers of virtual reality further and further.

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