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Architecture + VR = Great Match


Imagine that you’re the CEO of a big company. Your company is going to build a big new warehouse. You’re not really sure how exactly it’s going to look though and you want to be able to visualize it well.

Thanks to NBBJ, an architecture and design company in Seattle, anyone that needs to realistically visualize what’s going to be built, now can. The company is partnering with Visual Vocal to develop a new virtual reality productivity tool to enable companies to show customers their ideas.


NBBJ is utilizing the 3D rendering they already develop while designing to efficiently build the virtual reality models for the buildings they’re developing; they can be viewed on a cell phone. The companies are then able to show clients precisely what the building is going to look like in 3D and in turn that helps enact better feedback before they actually start the physical building process.


Steve McConnell, NBBJ Managing Partner, said, “NBBJ’s decision to launch Visual Vocal is representative of our ongoing mission to find more informative and inspiring ways to engage clients in the design process. Whether for clients or the general public, virtual reality will deepen design discourse and bring together communities in new and exciting ways.” 

Sean House and John SanGiovanni obtained $500,000 in funding for their company that was once known as 18Angles. SanGiovanni also helped to found Zumobi in 2007. Zumobi is a mobile content marketing company after he worked at Microsoft Research.


Even though this tool is going to meant for architecture projects, they’re planning on expanding to different fields such as product design, aerospace and biotech among others that already utilized 3D models each day.

 Visual Vocal is going to release the platform’s first version later in 2016.

Watch the video below



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