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Audience Lives Through Performance Thanks to VR

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Live performances are always evolving as directors continuously look for ways to evolve and create new magic.


The Australian Centre for the Moving Image (Acmi) is breaking boundaries with it’s contemporary dance piece, Stuck in the Middle with You.

It’s an 8-minute performance between the Matthew Bate of Closer Products and the Sydney Dance Company (SDC).

Source acmi net au

The performance is fairly short and there are some video freezes every now and then. However, it’s an amazing showing of where film, dance and theater could evolve with virtual reality.

Once the audience puts their VR headset on, they are immersed inside an auditorium where a dance is about to start. Then, the audience is in the middle of the performance, then on the stage surrounded by a dancing ensemble. It’s pretty amazing.

Source Youtube com

As VR films evolve, it’s likely that they will create deep narratives that allow a choose-your-own approach as well.

It will be interesting to see what other directors of plays, musicals and dance performances will do with virtual reality.

Watch the video below




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