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Awesome Upcoming PlayStation VR Games

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PlayStation VR will be releasing 100 playable games, and regardless of the possibility that we don’t know precisely what every experience will involve yet, we’re eager to see what changes VR can convey to gaming.

It’s difficult to not get amped up for the capability of the new encounters in the wake of seeing what is as of now being developed. We’ve put together probably the most auspicious games that have been flaunted so far right here. There are still bounty more PlayStation VR perfect games in sight, so stay tuned as we revise this article with the most inspiring up and coming PS VR games.

Xing: The Land Beyond

You’re dead, however, clearly demise isn’t the end. Upon your demise you go to the place called The Land of Xing, a spot that is basically limbo and where spirits of other individuals are sort of imprisoned. Yet, that is the place you come in. As you investigate the world, you go over headstones that convey you to different universes denoting the lives of the trapped spirits. Utilizing the spirits as an aide, you should overcome different riddles, sort out the stories of the spirits’ lives, and eventually help them proceed onward to the following life.


Thumper is a tempo game, however not the kind that makes you time button taps to a melody. In the game you are what resemble a scarab blasting down a smooth, neon-hued track. Keeping in mind the end goal to explore the track you need to utilize an assortment of capacities like protecting yourself against energy gates, floating corners, and timing button taps to get a boost. Thumper has the visual style of Wipeout’s Zone challenge mode, the musical signals of Rhythm Heaven, and the rate of F-Zero all crushed into one rapid, outwardly staggering background.

Ace Combat 7

VR headsets and games that place you in cockpits appear to go as one. In Ace Combat 7 you are the battle pilot of a best in class warrior plane in the thick of flying fights, flying missions for the Navy. With the PS VR headset, you take to the skies of the not so distant future with the flexibility to glance around – giving you the sentiment that you are really sitting in the pilot’s seat. You’ll feel more like you’re at the controls of the plane, flying through the mists, evading adversary shots, and shooting intruder fighter planes out of the sky.


On the off chance that you’ve ever needed to feel what it resemble to drift through sans gravity space, you likely won’t get nearer than Adr1ft shy of really taking a rocket into space. Adr1ft gives the same impression of desolation and fear you get from the motion picture Gravity, testing you to make due on board a space station as your oxygen supply gradually drains, reveal what happened to the devastated space station, and discover a path back home.

Dead Secret

Part murder puzzle, part survival dread, Dead Secret places you in the shoes of a columnist on the trail to finding how a man named Harris Bullard met his less than ideal end. As you investigate the scene of the wrongdoing and its unpleasant surroundings you start to understand that someone is watching you. See, playing frightening games is sufficiently awful when they’re on a TV, so we can just envision how unnerving it will be the point at which you’re totally encompassed in the spooky VR situations.

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