Photo and Video Production Stars in Virtual Reality Discussion

B and H Photo Leads the Way in Virtual Reality Discussion



Come May 11, 2016 at 2:00 EST, B&H Photo will be hosting a live panel discussion about the production and post-production of virtual reality and 360° video, the two harbingers of the future of digital content. B&H’s Doug Guererra will be leading the discussion with the lineup of panelists that include personalities from the content production and virtual reality content-serving industries.

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The upcoming discussion will have the following luminaries in attendance, Alex Chechelnitsky, Head of Immersive Production, Koncept VR, Ben Nunez, President at Littlstar, Douglas Sonders, Co-Founder, Studio 8112, and PJ Morreale, Senior Director of Operations, YouVisit Studios.

At the event, discussion will center on the distinctions between virtual reality and 360° video production, and this includes the rigs and equipment commonly used. Discussion will also include some insight into the post-production and stitching process that combines the digital film into a finished end product. The panel will also discuss on mobile VR versus high-end PC VR, and tech advances in the future.

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Weiss, Head of VR Business Development at B&H Photo, says “This is what B&H is all about,” he continues “leading the way and forging a path for pioneers in a fledgling industry, much like what we did with aerial imaging and 4K video production. The first step in forging that path is to open up a discussion between the customer and industry experts in this field.”
You’re invited to join B&H as the company once again led the path into a brave new world of digital content. You can tune in for the Live stream Panel – A Production Revolution: Virtual Reality and 360° Video.


As usual B&H will be at the vanguard, leading the debate and asking the questions about what the future portends.


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You can tap into this exciting resource by subscribing to the B&H YouTube Channel. The B&H Explora blog also gives you firsthand information on new product, gear reviews, helpful guides, and tech news written by product experts and industry professionals.

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