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BAFTA Games Awards Could Create Virtual Reality Category?

british academy video games awards

On April 7th, BAFTA hosted the 2016 British Academy Games Awards which horned 44 games that included Fifa 16, Rocket League and Batman among others.


The game with the most nominations was the PC game “Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture”. It received 10 nominations: Original Property, Game Innovation, British Game, Audi Achievement, Best Game, Artistic Achievement, Music, 2 Performer nominees and Story.

The game “Her Story”, a game created by British developers received 7 nominations. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt game also received 7 nominations.

The question is – what is the future like for the BAFTA Games Awards?

Three virtual reality headsets are being released in 2016 as well as lots of VR games. That begs the question – could we potentially see VR games recognized by BAFTA in 2017?

Dara O Briain is the BAFTA Games Awards’ host. He said, “One of the things that’s stuck me recently is how much the awards have changed in the short time I’ve been presenting them.3D didn’t move me in the slightest, I thought that was a bit of a croc and I’m delighted we’ve worked that out of our system for another generation – though I’m sure in 30 years time we’ll pick it up again – but the buzz for VR feels very different, more genuine.


“I don’t know what the minimum requirement is in terms of a new category for the awards, but I can definitely envisage a VR category. I’m not sure BAFTA would introduce it next year, I think the market might need to mature beyond the initial launch titles – how many of them do we expect to be really really good?”

“Perhaps 18 months time, the second set of VR games will change that, because by them we’ll have got over the novelty of just looking around.

Obviously theres a category for gaming innovation, so for the time being it could end up there at the very least.”
Not many Nintendo games received nominations at the BAFTA awards in 2016.

O Briain said, “I would love if Nintendo would return to something like the Wii. The joy of that first console and the really, really simple interaction, which small kids and adults can play something really straightforward. People who weren’t into gaming in a big way just got that, and with the Wii U they seemed to move back to that ‘here’s 17 buttons’ on a handset.”


“I’m not sure they should return to a general console like the Gamecube or N64, because it seems like a very crowded market for them to try and, at this stage, stake a claim in. There’s also still a large percent of the population who if you give them a controller you’ll have lost them at the first set of shoulder buttons, let alone all the other ones. I think they found something with the first Wii, large scale casual gaming, that’s what it was good at and where I think they should concentrate on.”

Dara O Briain recently announced that he’s launching a new series that will premier on Dave in Fall 2016 and the 6 part series will focus around video games.

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