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“Behind-the–Scenes” Trailer of FATED, an Intense VR Experience


On the 5th of May, 2016 at Québec province, Canada – An original and independent Canadian developer, Frima Studio released a ‘Behind-the-Scenes’ video that will stand as the background video for FATED: The Silent Oath, its Norse-themed virtual reality game that was launched a month ago on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The trailer or background preview gives a novel and deep look into the inward workings of the game, and more knowledge and insights into the creation, development and improvement procedure of new encounters and efforts in virtual reality.

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“Harnessing the power of virtual reality, FATED takes the players on a journey that packs an incredible emotional punch,” Vincent Martel, official producer at Frima Studio had said in an interview.” Our behind-the-scenes trailer offers a sneak peek of the different steps involved in bringing FATED to life in virtual reality.”

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FATED: The Silent Oath which was created with Unreal Engine 4, is a first-person immersive and interactive experience that was set in the legendary era of Vikings and created and built specifically for virtual reality. The concept was composed and written by Jill Murray who is the author of Assassin’s Creed; FATED recounts the tale of a man and his family during Ragnarök – otherwise known as the end times. On their trip, as he runs over a mixture of touching and frightening events, this man finds out more about himself, his friends and family, taking the players on a completely immersive enthusiastic rollercoaster.


FATED influences the abilities of VR to achieve a jump forward in narration which also includes excellent written work, characterization and voice acting, FATED plans to transport the players to a universe of myth and legend, and to make them feel a genuine passionate connection with the story and its characters.

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Available at $19.99/£14.99/€19.99, FATED is an original virtual reality game accessible on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, and slated to launch on PlayStation VR come Q4 2016.

Information on Frima Studio

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Frima is the largest independently-owned game developer in Canada. The company has developed and created exceptional digital items and products for world-renowned companies which constitutes a few of their clients and they are Electronic Arts, Activision, Warner, Konami, and LEGO. Other Frima’s services includes the creation and development of video games and animations, as well as various concept art, visual creation and development and lastly, visual effects of VOLTA since the year 2003. With its professionals which are a team of 375 in-house industry, Frima produces high-caliber products and items with both artistic and technical beautiful look. Frima Originals which is a separate unit under Frima or sub division within Frima, is dedicated to creating, developing and self-publishing original and indigenous indie titles such as Nun Attack, Zombie Tycoon, and Chariot but to mention a few.

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