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Behind The Scenes: Virtual Reality Roller Coaster

galactica vr

Imagine being on a roller coaster with virtual reality. You don’t need to imagine anymore. You can really do it. IEEE Spectrum went on a test experience at the Alton Towers theme park in the United Kingdom recently. They were able to fly around the 840-meter track and reached speeds of 75 kilometers per hour as well as 3.5 g force, which is more force than astronauts deal with when they’re launching a rocket.


This ride known as the Galactica roller coaster is quite the experience that people can have in the English countryside. They’re technically in the English countryside, but they feel as though they’re in a whole other world.

Figment Productions is the company that created this VR ride experience and is run by Simon Reveley. 

You can check out the experience and hear what Simon has to say, here:

By the way, there’s also a virtual reality ride at some Six Flags locations in the United States.

Watch the video below



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