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Behind The VR Glasses

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Virtual reality lenses or goggles are a style of eyewear which is used as a display device. They allow the wearer to view a sequence of computer generated images which they’re able to interact with.

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They take the type of one or two display screens which might be worn on the face and task graphical photographs, more commonly accompanied via sound and video. The viewer sees two separate pictures – one in each eye which the brain combines to kind a three dimensional snapshot. They show a phantasm of depth which is a characteristic feature of virtual environments.

There are several types of VR glasses. They include:

  • virtual reality glasses for laptop
  • virtual reality glasses for Mac
  • virtual reality glasses for PS3

The glasses can also be compared to a wearable computer monitor which with a joystick or glove allows the wearer to be in a 3D world.

Some VR glasses enable wearers to project 3D images onto the real world, that’s referred to as Augmented Reality (AR).


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