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Some of the Best Google Cardboard VR Apps

Cardboard app

Here are some of the best Google Cardboard VR apps.

1) Don’t be Card-bored
A do-it-yourself gateway VR which lets you immerse yourself in 3D worlds. Price: free

2) Cardboard
It collects the compatible apps you’ve downloaded and pushes you towards others.
Price: free

3) Cardboard Camera
This app lets you build your own VR creations.
Price: free


One of the best apps designed to dazzle.
Price: free


5) Proton Pulse
It essentially puts a 3D spin on Breakout.
Price: ($1.99)

5) Star Wars
It gives you the Force Awakens-inspired immersion.
Price: free

6) YouTube
An updated service lets you view a video freely in all directions with added depth.
Price: free

It lets the subjects tell their own tales that are found in the newspapers.
Price: free

8) Caaaaardboard

An indie game about free falling through score gates while spray-painting the buildings on the way down.
Price: ($2.99)



9) Titans of Space
It delivers a guided tour between planets and moons.
Price: free

10) Google Street View
Lets you view tours of all sorts at 360-degree photosphere.
Price: free

11) Jack White-THIRD D
Provides much to see through the three tracks shot.
Price: free

12) Vanguard V

By subtly moving your head you control the armored heroin.
Price: free



13) Tilt Brush Gallery
An app that lets you watch those 3D paintings being made.
Price: free

14) Sisters
It offers shock-value horror films experience as it freaks you out.
Price: free

15) War of Words
It  builds a small scene around Siegfried Sassoon poem “ The Kiss” written during World War I.

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