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The Best Virtual Reality Headsets

virtual reality headset

Sony PlayStation VR

Waiting is almost over now, because October 2016 is the launch date for the PlayStation VR headset.

The latest version is equipped with 5.7” OLED instead of 5” LCD display which was installed in the older version. This latest display enables the user to have low blurriness in the display and the 120 fps gaming is improved by the 120 Hz refresh rate. It also comes with 18ms reading which hinders the latency issues of Morpheus Mk1 and with nine LEDs system; the tracking accuracy has also been improved.


HTC Vive

The HTC Vive was launched by HTC which can be plugged into a PC and works with Valve’s mammoth gaming ecosystem. Its construction includes more than 70 sensors which give 360-degree head tracking and also provides a 90Hz refresh rate. The best part of this gadget is that you can interact with the elements and bodies in the virtual world with the “context aware controller”.

contextawre Virtual


Most devices like PlayStation VR offer head-tracking, but no one offers eye-tracking. This feature is enabled in the FOVE VR which is featured by the sensor placed in the headset. This sensor monitors the user’s eye and offers depth-of-field by monitoring the eye contact with the element in the virtual world which enhances the reality of the virtual world.

FOVE eyetracking

Avegant Glyph

The design of Avegant Glyph is smarter and sleeker as compared to other headsets launched parallel to it. The user wears the Glyph like a headphone and he/she comes in contact with the screen by pulling the screen down over his/her eyes. The user will have their image in a 45 degree of field enabling 1280 x 720 views for each eye.

The technology used is an array of micro mirrors which reflect an image directly into your retina, which is supposed to help to get rid of potential fatigue within the users eyes or even motion sickness.

avegant glyph Virtual

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