Facebook, Sony, and Google: Best Virtual Reality Stocks to Invest In

Best Virtual Reality Stocks to Invest In

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Virtual reality is either already in a bubble or is going to be one of the next great growth industries.

There may be a virtual reality bubble that will peak in a few years. Whether it peaks or not, some experts say the VR revolution will be bigger than the app revolution.

The Best Virtual Reality Stocks to Invest In

When deciding on which of the best virtual reality stocks today you should invest in, one should be very careful. The investors who have invested in the 3D printers have learned that you can still lose your shirt if the tectonic plates are not moving if you invest too early in a revolutionary technology, however big it may be in the coming years.

In the virtual reality revolution, you can already see that the tectonic plates are moving.

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According to the recently released Wall Street Journal article, there is a significant rise in the venture capital funding for augmented and virtual reality. This increase came after the announcement of Facebook that it was going to purchase the Oculus VR Inc.

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People have already invested in Sony SNE, Alphabet GOOG, Facebook. These VR investors are expected to dominate the market in the coming years because they already have large networks of users.

Some of the other best virtual reality stocks that are in the initial stages in developing a virtual reality strategy and available to the average investors include NVIDIA, Qualcomm, Ambarella, and Apple.


There are some dark horse small cap opportunities in the virtual reality sector, including Himax Technologies, GoPro, and Vuzix Corp. When you’re investing in developing technology revolution, one should go with two or more companies that they believe are going to be the biggest players in the market for the long run.

How Google and Sony Are Playing the Game

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Getting developers on the board is the most important part of the virtual reality wars. PlayStation already has an acute mass of developers, giving Sony an edge over the HTC Vive Headset and Facebook’s Oculus Rift. Sony is getting themselves positioned as a leader very early in the virtual reality wars with their much cheaper price point for the PlayStation VR headset.

Google’s approach will address the low-end virtual reality products, while Facebook’s Oculus Rift technology, in the beginning, will be the high-end version of virtual-reality products. Both Google and Facebook’s Oculus Rift technology will see a lot of new innovations and developers to drive their respective virtual reality platforms in the coming years. Maybe Oculus Rift to virtual reality will prove as Apple’s iPhone to smartphones and Android to smartphones.

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Google, Sony, and Facebook are some of the best virtual reality stocks that could potentially rise in large numbers, possibly doubling or tripling partially, because of how they are positioning themselves with the VR opportunities. The VR industry could be worth a few hundred billion dollars within the next couple decades, so that’s why companies that are getting into VR should get a serious look when you’re looking to invest.

Do your own research and make up your own mind as to whether you want to invest or not. At the very least, though, if you’re looking to invest in some stocks, you should at least look into (and read more about) the companies that are doing it getting into virtual reality.

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