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BigScreen is Letting People Get Together Virtually

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BigScreen is another VR application which brings you and your PC into a mutual virtual space with those you want to be around. The organization is leaving stealth to report the end of a seed round and to report that previous Convrge maker Hayden Lee is joining the group as a fellow benefactor.

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BigScreen is like other social VR applications you may have seen, such as Convrge or Oculus Social Alpha, uniting up to four individuals in the same space as an avatar and permitting them to visit with each other. The enormous distinction for BigScreen is that clients carry their genuine desktop PC screen with them into the social space. With the screen, clients can do everything without exception that they could do on their PC, and other people in the room can see what’s on the screen.

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This opens up a slew of exercises to do inside the space, since you’re presently chit chatting with three of your companions on the lounge chair with a few tablets. From viewing Netflix or YouTube together to viewing a companion play a game, or occasionally having everybody playing a Game together as if they’re hosting a LAN get-together in the same room, BigScreen connects clients as well as their screens.

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In April, the organization is seeking to release BigScreen on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, and says that the diversion will be cross-stage, associating players together paying little mind to their headset. The organization is presently seeking sign ups for their expected beta release.

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BigScreen Chief Darshan Shankar is a Y Combinator alum who says he’s been taking a shot at the undertaking as of 2014 and moved it out as a private beta in July 2015. Shankar is presently joined by Hayden Lee, prime supporter of the tremendously cherished however now ancient Convrge social VR application. The organization says they’ve raised a Seed venture from “Level 1″ VC firms, yet are declining to be more particular than that, nor specifying what funding has been raised.



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