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Black Friday of 2016 will Usher in A Ton of Virtual Reality Deals

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The annual holiday shopping season which will kick off this year on November 25 will see a new variety of deals in new product categories. One major new entrant will be virtual reality products. Virtual reality is upon us and with versions of it in mobile VR, desktop VR and console VR, the variety is there. Samsung Gear VR already enjoyed a successful run during the Black Friday event last year but Black Friday 2016 will see the first deals on desktop VR systems including the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Perhaps the most dominating virtual reality system of this year’s shopping season will be the Sony PlayStation VR and it will be interesting to see all the dynamics of that day.

Sony PlayStation VR headset Set To Be a Hit

If Sony can manufacture the PlayStation VR headset in enough quality, then it will see the first deals on the $399 and $499 PlayStation VR bundles. Retailers will most likely offer black Friday discount deals on the PlayStation 4 and PS VR headset bundles and in addition to the hardware necessary for virtual reality, these bundles will also come with VR enables games.

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These bundles will make their entry into the holiday shopping scene as one of the most affordable entries in the virtual reality space. Due to the attractive Sony PlayStation VR deals that will be on offer, there will be huge savings on the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. More attractive deals for black Friday 2016 will be on offer on VR headsets and the Windows 10 PC bundles.

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Smart Home and Other Deals Available on that day.

Aside from the virtual reality headset product, another product area that is gaining momentum is the smart home. From Apple TV to smart LED lights, there will a lot of choices available to choose from this fall and smart home products will also take center stage for the black Friday event. These black Friday deals can be expected to feature on starter sets and bundles.

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The Black Friday Event Proper.

Black Friday for this year will officially be on the 25th of November but as it has always been the case in past years, the discount deals and sales begin much earlier. For this year, the pre-black Friday 2016 sales will begin on the weekend of October 29 and some of the most important black Friday sales week will commence on Sunday November 20 and culminate to end on November 28 as the Cyber Monday deals take the baton.

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Black Friday comes two days earlier this year and there are still well over 200 days until the D-day so there is still adequate time to save up for that memorable event. In addition to the new categories of virtual reality and smart home deals, some of the most popular and active deals on that day will be on TVs, video games, smartphones and computers. These categories have always been popular and it is not about to change this year. What will change on that day will be the new wave of virtual reality products which will hold its own.

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