Queen Guitarist Brian May Reveals New VR Viewer Owl VR Kit

Brian May’s Owl VR Kit Is Speeding Up the End of Reality

Brian May Owl VR Kit

As it is now, it looks like celebrities are set to fully embrace virtual reality as the Queen guitarist, Brian May, would be delivering the latest version of it.

“Ultimately VR will change the world, because you’ll be able to build everything that you love and cherish in the virtual world. You’ll feel like you can touch and hear and interact with them. VR could advance to the point where you feel a tug, a sort of nostalgia, a feeling that you’ve lost something, because you’ve fallen in love with the virtual world. Eventually, I think people won’t want to come out,” May said during the launch of his own version of Google Cardboard, which he named the Owl VR Kit.

Queen’s Brian May Introduces Owl VR Kit

The device, which is priced at $36, works almost exactly like the other mobile VR headsets. The supposed differences are that it is compatible with any smartphone (like virtually any Cardboard), has a focus that is adjustable (like the latest Mattel View-Master and some disposable designs), and “has an open stage rather than a closed light-tight box” (like the Google Tech viewer, among others.)

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Owl VR Kit

The device has a smaller counterpart called the Owl Lite, which has the same features as the Owl VR Kit and sounds very similar to the adorable Homido Mini. Another one very noteworthy feature of this new release is that it comes in a folio case that was made by Brian May himself, one of the world’s greatest musicians and a doctor of astrophysics.



VR Viewer Owl VR Kit
May’s Stereoscopic Company is introducing the Owl VR Kit to deliver experience that is innovative, immersive, and life-changing; and whatever their main goal is, judging from these releases, it looks like they’re not far from achieving it.

Watch the video below

Watch the video below




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