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You Can Now Travel Back in Time

VR time travel

You’ve probably wondered before what it would be like to travel back in time. What if you could go back to an interesting time in history.

Handout illustration shows a life reconstruction of the new tyrannosaur Timurlengia euotica in its environment 90 million years ago

Virtual reality is now letting people do that thanks to Andrew Feinberg, the Co Founder of the new VR app, Timelooper.

The app enables users to experience important moments in London’s history utilizing their smartphone and cardboard headset. As an example, instead of standing at the Tower of London with a bunch of tourists looking at the historic castle, users can transport back in time with the app and experience the Tower of London in 1255, yes that’s over 750 years ago.


Feinberg said, “We actually overlay the current infrastructure with what the infrastructure of the tower and the surrounding environment was like in 13th century London. So for example, now you see a Starbucks and now you see the tower as it looks today with the moat drained. When we take you back in time, you actually see the historically accurate representation of the tower in its heyday.”

Since the videos are location based, users have to visit the sites in order to enable the historical experiences.

Even though Timelooper is utilizing VR for historical experiences, the same technology is seeing lots of growth in many sectors of the tourism industry. The Dollywood theme park in Tennessee has been using it to show a new roller coaster, Carnival Cruise Line uses the technology to market their cruises and the Dali Museum in Florida developed a VR experiences that enables users to walk into a landscape painting by Salvador Dali. Those are just a few of many examples.


Timelooper is a part of the Travel Tech Lab incubator for startups specializing in travel technology.

This same technology is being used by the tourism industry in London. One example is Ruth Poling whose a tourist guide for Blue Badge. Poling said, “My job is a storyteller. I’m here to conjure up what things are like and this just gives me something else I can use, particularly with small children, getting them really engaged.”

Timelooper is set to launch in New York City this April and the app will enable users to view everything from the day World War II ended to the famous photo of workers eating launch on top of a skyscraper while constructing Rockefeller Center in 1932.

Watch the video below




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