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You Can See Your Seat at NRG Stadium Before You Sit

NRG Stadium

With tickets to gigs and shows in some cases costing $200 or even more, a fore-knowledge of what sort of seat perspective you’re paying for can inform your decision about the value of the ticket. Amazingly, StubHub has a new application that puts you in your seat at the stadium before you ever get there, and more importantly, before you click “BUY TICKET”.


How cool is that, eh?

StubHub is putting forth a Virtual perspective from any seat in the house, beginning with tickets to the Final Four at NRG Stadium. Clients can see their seats in StubHub’s Android and iOS applications, either utilizing a VR headset like Google Cardboard or by simply pivoting their telephone around them.

“The maps are kind of unique to each venue,” said Marcus Shelksohn, StubHub’s head of product for mobile apps. “The value we see in this is for users to be able to really get the immersive view of what their seat will look like prior to purchasing.”


A virtual simulation of any seat in the house is an improvement from the static pictures StubHub currently has displayed at several venues. Presently, clients can check whether they’re under a shade, near the segment passageway or auto-see the scoreboard while glancing around in VR.

StubHub can even show diverse arrangements of the stadium. For instance, amid the Final Four NRG Stadium will have seats gathered around the ball court. However, when the Houston Texans play, the seating arrangement is vastly different. What’s more, if there’s a stage set up for a show, a large portion of the seats are closed off and some will have a limited view of the stage. With VR, all StubHub needs to do is switch a few program files around to echo the new setup.


At this moment, the VR perspectives are just accessible at NRG Stadium and AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants. However, StubHub said more coliseums and stadiums are coming soon. The rollout will begin with baseball stadiums as the MLB season takes off, yet StubHub would like to grow to include other situated venues soon.

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