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Can VR Breathe New Life into Businesses?

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So many people have unanswered questions about virtual reality, and for those that are smart they are asking questions that can be applied to their businesses. Smart business people want the newest ways to grow their businesses and to target new clientele. Virtual reality will hopefully be able to spear head around eighty percent of all revenues in terms of business models and hardware sales.

Virtual reality is the latest in a quad of major platforms following after mobile, web and pc. Company heads have to decide how they want to play, because at the end of the work period businesses come down to bases and simple economics.

Oculus was bought out by Facebook for two billion dollars. Magic Leap raised $1.4 billion in funding from Google and other companies and Apple purchase Metaio.

Many people are asking what the reason for so much interest in an early age’s market. Glancing at the future through the eyes of the past adds assurance and that is what’s occurring in front of us. However, hardware can be difficult.

The most valuable company in terms of money in our world is without a doubt, Apple. That’s because Apple owns the profits in its own market place, and let’s not forget another valuable player, Google. This company relies heavily on selling its advertising and ironically it’s sold using everyone’s mobile devices. Which branches off into the fact that it also owns Android. Hardware is and always will be an innovative stomping ground, especially during changes in platforms and our top players know exactly how to manipulate those shifts.

We’re talking about a goal of having a pre-installed app or program on every technological device that goes out in the world. By 2020, it’s a hope of hundreds of millions having access to VR. We’re talking about devices already being ready to access VR apps and programs without having to worry about upgrading devices just for the need to access something new and trendy.

Unlike many people, we cannot ignore the fact that VR is landing in our laps. We have to embrace and utilize this technology to continue to advance in e-commerce and business on a store front basis. We have to be able to adapt as our technology continues to adapt and by doing this we can also continue to grow. Hardware sales can end up being a multi-billion business that will be the king pin of all other sales. Investing ahead of the others could possibly be the only right thing to do right now to achieve a higher money maker in the end.

Alibaba is one of the top rated e-commerce businesses in and outside of China, they focus on wholesale and item to item. Ironically, though Alibaba is also investing in a Florida hardware company even before it started to make any sales. Can you imagine why they would do that? Other then the fact the chairman is a smart business man.

Companies are realizing that AR/VR is the precedent for moving forward in this era. As the world continues to advance both in technology and modern mentality we have to continue to stay on top of our business game. As the people buy this product at a premium price range, supply and demand will go into effect and eventually everyone will get a chance to own a VR headset as time continues to go on, look at our laptop sales for example. At one time, the cost was so high for a laptop, but as time went on, the range of price had to fall in line with what supply and demand decided, and now everyone has the ability to own an affordable unit.

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