"It Can Wait" Campaign Teaches Teens Not to Text and Driving Using VR

“It Can Wait” Campaign Teaches Teens Not to Text and Drive Using VR

It can wait

Text and driving has caused many deaths in the US. One stat even says that 11 teens die every day from texting and driving.

AT&T’s “It Can Wait” campaign uses virtual reality to teach students not to text and drive. When AT&T came to Tygan Sweet’s school (University High), he got to try it out. He said, “It was a lot more realistic than I was expecting it to be.”

What he got to see is somebody else’s reactions while driving distracted.

Tygan says about the virtual driver, “He just kept getting texts from his wife. And every time he looked down he almost rear ended, hit kids.”

Tygan came out of it feeling like he learned an important lesson. He said, “It taught me that it’s actually more dangerous than I thought it was. I already knew it was a bad thing but going through it, seeing all the real life things happen, I know that it’s way worse than I thought it would be.”

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Now he thinks a class like this should be mandatory for teens.

Virtual Reality used to help avoid car accidents by teaching teens not to text and driving along the way.

Who knows, maybe one day it will be.

Watch the videos below



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