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Disney Movies VR App

New Disney Movies VR App Lets You Explore the Exciting World of Disney Films

Virtual reality has become the trend nowadays. We see it everywhere, being used in many different fields that range from entertainment to news, travel, even education, and healthcare. And now the film…

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New VR App: Tiny Eye

Yeti, San Francisco-based app maker Yeti (www.yeti.co) recently introduced a new app, Tiny Eye which is virtual reality smartphone game. It is a retro-inspired game for everyone now available on…

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gopro logo

Immerse Yourself in the Experience of Others With GoPro Virtual Reality App

If you’re yet to get your Google Cardboard, those $15 virtual reality headsets that place you inside the cockpit of a plane, or onto an 8-foot gnarly barrel in Tahiti,…

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vr shopping

Virtual Reality Showrooms Bring the Store To You

  How much will you pay if you’re a loyal customer of a business? Is it $10? $100? $1,000? For example, some people pay Amazon up to $100 per year…

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samsung gear vr

Samsung VR App Supports Web Browsers

Samsung is going to release an app for its virtual reality headset Gear, this week that will support both 3D video and 360-degree streaming, and also any HTML5 video from…

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university of maine

Google Brings Virtual Reality to Students in Maine

Students at York High School in Maine, got to go on a virtual reality field trip to places far away such as World War II Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz,…

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Vr kitchen

Your New Kitchen Can Come to Life Before Your Eyes

  What do you think of your current kitchen? Do you like it? Do you want to try something new? What if I told you, that you could actually try…

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htc vive

IKEA Announces Virtual Reality App

  IKEA is coming to VR, however it’s unfortunately deserting the Swedish meatballs in normal reality. The cheapo furniture organization out of the blue reported at the beginning of today…

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trading in vr

Financial Trading Stirring Up with Virtual Reality

Have you ever considered trading data with a virtual reality application? Well, Citi is looking into a prototype of a virtual reality app that traders can use to build holograms…

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virtual reality

How VR Software and Headsets Assist in Creating a Virtual Reality App

The yearning (and the dissatisfaction) in plain view are an update that many people are excited, yet hesitant about VR. This is the thing that makes our present place of…

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