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Disney Movies VR App

New Disney Movies VR App Lets You Explore the Exciting World of Disney Films

Virtual reality has become the trend nowadays. We see it everywhere, being used in many different fields that range from entertainment to news, travel, even education, and healthcare. And now the film…

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Virtual Reality Experience

The Economist and The Guardian Launch Their Own Virtual Reality Apps

Virtual reality is an experience desired by many but can only afforded by a few. Some print media companies are trying to change all that. The Guardian and The Economist…

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Nomads series

Nomads Series: Felix and Paul Studios Releases VR Docu Films about Human Culture

The 2015 Sundance Film Festival may have come and gone, but the experience will not be forgotten. It was at the festival that VR film studio Felix and Paul Studios gave the…

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Moosejaw Launches VR App

Moosejaw Launches Virtual Reality App

A new virtual reality app has been released by Moosejaw, and it has given shoppers a whole new and different experience! The VR app introduced by Moosejaw aims to place shoppers…

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New VR App: Tiny Eye

Yeti, San Francisco-based app maker Yeti ( recently introduced a new app, Tiny Eye which is virtual reality smartphone game. It is a retro-inspired game for everyone now available on…

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Web Apps Accessibility from VR HMD with ‘V’

  Enthusiastic early adopters are beginning to gain access to Virtual reality hardware. It is a medium with great futuristic potentials, but the industry needs to break the barrier of…

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kids bedtime vr

With Virtual Reality You Can Now Put Your Kids In Their Bedtime Stories

  Telling your kids their bedtime stories can be a lot of fun on its own. And you can’t ever tell how the session will go or how engrossed they’ll…

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IKEA logo

IKEA’s App Now Let’s You Cook Meatballs

  IKEA launched a VR experience this past April on Steam in order to allow people to immerse themselves in a kitchen as they pick how they want the kitchen…

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gopro logo

Immerse Yourself in the Experience of Others With GoPro Virtual Reality App

If you’re yet to get your Google Cardboard, those $15 virtual reality headsets that place you inside the cockpit of a plane, or onto an 8-foot gnarly barrel in Tahiti,…

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Chernobyl project

See Chernobyl Before and After Disaster With VR

  The Chernobyl exclusion zone now has some beautiful wildlife, however it hasn’t been that way forever by any means. After the Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster in 1986, everything was…

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