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Youtube Now Offers VR

YouTube Now Offers VR Support for Google Cardboard

Some months ago, Google provided VR support for its YouTube consumers on the Android platform and now they have gone in the same direction for iOS user. Along with the…

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Google Latest Virtual Reality

Daydream, Google’s Latest Virtual Reality Effort

The Google Cardboard has been here for years already. It is cheap basic accessory used in combination with an Android phone to view virtual reality content. The virtual reality industry has…

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Virtual Reality HP Omen Desktop

HP Omen: A Virtual Reality–Ready Desktop

Finally, after releasing its line of laptops in recent years, the HP omen desktop is finally coming. It would be released in August this year. The price remains unknown, but…

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Virtual Reality

VR and Marketing: Making It Count

With the amount of saturation that the world has now received when it comes to the very concept of technology, it would not be shocking to see that right now,…

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Immersive Dassault Aviation

Dassault Aviation Presents Its Aircraft in Virtual Reality on Oculus Rift

Dassault Aviation is an international aircraft manufacturer of business, luxury, military, and regional jets. It is a French aircraft and a subsidiary of Dassault Group. With innovations and creative thinking…

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Power of VR Displayed at Vancouver Convention

You’re standing at the site of a shipwreck under the water with manta rays swimming by around you. You turn around toward the bow and then a massive blue whale…

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Quanta VR Technology

Quanta Manufactures New VR Camera

Quanta Computer Inc. has promised computer and smartphone users all over the world a big treat as the company has succeeded in creating some new and advanced technology that adopts the…

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Ultimately Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Will Change the World, Brian May Opines

Dr. Brian May, while addressing a small cinema room full of tech and music journalists about a new product involving his rock band Queen and virtual reality, says, “The whole VR…

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VR World

Magic Leap Takes Virtual Reality to the Next Level

There’s not a lot of things that you can say are really mind-blowing. An event has to be at least close to being history-bending for it to blow one’s mind….

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VR and Interior Design

VR and Interior Design

We don’t often hear VR and interior design being talked about in the same conversation. Although these two don’t seem like completely different worlds, the idea of using virtual reality…

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