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chronos vr

VR Game: Chronos is The Real Deal

Virtual reality is not a new phenomenon, rather it has been talked about for a long period of time. But 2016 has marked the confirmation of the new era of…

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Virtual Reality

An Explanation Of What Virtual Reality Is

Many people might want to know what VR is all about. This can be described as a 3D image that’s interactive. The image is connected to a smartphone or computer…

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A person

Could VR Disappoint?

Oculus is set to be released in the market and so a lot of customers are talking about it. But people shouldn’t be shocked if the VR fails to meet…

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Kids Virtual Reality Games

Virtual Reality games are popular among the teenagers as it allows them to use their imagination, be able to socialize and learn new things. They enjoy working in this technology…

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Virtual Reality Gear

There’s More To VR Than Games

When a person talks about VR, many people’s minds race to video games. Sony has recently announced their latest PlayStation VR headset. The VR is more than games, since it…

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Virtual Reality Boxing

VR Games Are Being Developed

  Virtual reality games are being created at a fast pace. If you’re in your twenties as you read this, your eyes must be green with excitement. Unless you’re not…

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Virtual Reality Entertainment

Games and virtual worlds in the entertainment industry have embraced the use of virtual reality although it is becoming popular in: 1) Galleries 2) Theatre, e.g. interactive performances 3) Virtual…

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virtualrealitygames gameroom rhcloud

This Is Virtual Reality Gaming

Virtual reality gaming is when a person interacts with the 3D environment during a game, hence getting the experience of being in it. Bio-sensing is one way of detecting a…

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Creators of Very Successful Video Game in the 90’s Now Launching VR Game

  Myst was a point and click adventure game created in 1993 that transported players to a dock in a mystery world, from there the players would solve a variety…

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Star Wars Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality with Star Wars Experience Being Developed

  Electronic Arts has attracted the attention of several well known developers such as Creative Assembly, Rebellion and Crytek among others. However, most of them have been hesitant to dive…

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