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Virtual Reality and Gaming

Visualize soaring through the air at the pace of light, jumping over high structures and looking through walls with X-ray sight. For a lot of people, becoming a superhero is…

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Robot Takeover of Jobs Turns Into Amusingly Satirical VR Game

  If you’ve seen the Hollywood film series The Matrix then you’d know that virtual reality and the robot apocalypse go together like peaches and cream. What better way is…

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ps4 vr

These 2 Upcoming PlayStation’s Single-Player Games Will Blow Your Mind

  The PlayStation Virtual Reality headset will be ‘set loose’ in October, 2016, and it as of now appears as though it will be a huge success. As an evidence…

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Now You too Can Climb Mount Everest…in VR

  Just 4,000 individuals have achieved the summit of Mount Everest ever, now with Virtual Reality that number is going to increase dramatically. Sólfar Studios, Reykjavík, Iceland-based designer has made…

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htc vive

Epic Games Still Cagey With Their Virtual Reality Plans

  Virtual reality has found countless applications and gaming is one of the major areas in which it has found much use. A lot of effort has gone into development…

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The Future of Shooting in Video Games. What Can Virtual Reality Bring to the Table?

  Virtual reality is huge right now and it has found major applications in gaming and videos. Shooting and gun play is a major part of video games today and…

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minecraft vr

Leaving the Borders of the Smartphone Screen and Jumping Into the World of Minecraft

  Oculus virtual reality and Facebook’s virtual reality company has launched the virtual reality edition of the popular game Minecraft. The Gear VR edition is available on the Oculus Store…

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Top 4 VR Games You Should Totally Play

Of late, the virtual reality gaming world has witnessed a lift, more than ever since the Oculus’ Rift introductory price was made public. As a result, a plethora of new…

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vr multiplayer

Virtual Reality’s Best Multiplayer Game: Hover Junkers

  The HTC game: Hover Junkers, optimally utilizes excellent motion controls, immersion and surprisingly, offensive hand signs to put life in the gameplay. How Hover Junkers Works This is a…

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playstation logo

Latest Sony ‘NEO’ PS4 – Smoother Games, Better Graphics

  Sony’s forthcoming 4K PlayStation 4 called Neo, is confident of producing better processor speed, memory data transfer capacity, and better graphical capabilities than the standard PS4 in the market…

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