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Oculus Rift

Learn About Oculus Rift’s Application

Virtual reality is creating a lot of impact in the world. What people want to know more about is the most recent application that is supposed to make them always…

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wearable how VR lenses function

How Virtual Reality Lenses Function

  Human eyes have built in lenses that are located in the black part. Receptors, which are located at the back of the eyes convert the incoming light into useful…

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techcrunch manus mobile vr

The VR World When Wearing Manu VR Gloves

    When someone puts on the virtual reality gadget for the first time, the first thing they do is to view their hands. The results are not always not…

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Google is Developing Revolutionary VR Headset

Google is Developing Revolutionary VR Headset

  It seems that Google wants to get real regarding the VR concept. The first launch of a VR headset would be by the Alphabet.Inc who are in the process…

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Nikon's Vibration Reduction

Reducing Vibration Technology from Nikon

  Vibration reduction is a new kind of technology that’s formulated to reduce blur that results from a shaking camera. VR NIKKOR lens enhances images, when one is in a…

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