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Budget Virtual Reality Headsets

  Virtual Reality is one of the sultriest markets in the technology world and has turned into a technology a huge number of users will get the opportunity to interact…

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Virtual Reality Headsets Need to Improve Before VR Can Turn Around Media

The present generation of virtual reality headsets need to evolve before virtual reality can come through on its promise to bring unseen immersive experiences to the populace. The paragraph above…

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The Magic in Tech Is Evident in VR and HTC Vive

More often than not, something amazing unexpectedly comes along, something that has never been seen before and it seems like magic to everyone- A product that takes us into the…

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The Growth of Wearables And Its Impact on the Screen And a Cyborg Future

  In consideration of the investments made in wearable technologies over the past few years – Google leading a $542 million round into Magic Leap and Facebook buying Oculus Rift…

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5 Uses for All-in-One VR Headsets

Amazing Uses of Virtual Reality Headsets The concept of an all-in-one virtual reality headset seemed absolutely unworkable initially. Would anyone want to invest several hundred dollars on technology that would…

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Choosing the Right VR Headset for You

  Virtual reality (VR) headset abounds in the market place. Most of these devices have great features that will surely give you an exciting time with trickles down your spine….

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New Report About VR Spin-Off Nose-Dives HTC Shares

  Today, the shares of HTC on the Taipei stock exchange nose-dived; it dropped 10%, the maximum allowable in a day. This was believed to be investors’ reaction to the…

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Google Cardboard VR Inspiring Upcoming Headsets

While the Google Cardboard headset has turned out to be a popular alternative, it is obvious that it is much cheaper from the limited offerings it has, when compared to…

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How to Set Up the HTC Vive

  A lot of cables are needed in the setting up the HTC Vive. Most devices and gadgets come in a ready-to-use form and has made us not realize thee…

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Rumors Abound That HTC is Preparing to Spin Off the VR Division

  While bits of gossip are just the same old thing going on inside the corporate world, today’s gossip tidbits leaving HTC appears to have legs move around. The gossip…

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