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Applications of Virtual Reality

Applications of Virtual Reality: 3-D Food Printing and More

Virtual reality is far immersive than anything ever created in the technology world. And it is expanding at a very rapid rate. There is a growing number of people who…

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LOOOK: Holographic Computing Welcomes You to the Future

John Howard and Sebastien Motte were asked about the future post-smartphone computing innovation, and the technology industry veterans were happy to shed more light concerning holographic interfaces and mixed reality. Industry…

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360-Degree Videos

360-Degree Videos Will Soon Take Over the World

Immersive 360-degree videos are the rage now. These videos have been shot with special circular camera arrays that record the entire panoramic view from a particular fixed point. Viewers can…

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EyeSight Unveils VR Gesture Demo with Standard Phone Hardware

EyeSight has carved a niche for itself and established a name over the past few years by bringing gesture control to some computer platforms like mobile devices and smart eyeglasses. The…

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VR Technology

VR Technology: The New Face of Marketing

VR technology is now used in a lot of ways. It is everywhere and is known to everyone. It’s not only for gamers. Now even marketers are now incorporating VR…

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Knock Knock: Steam VR Introduces New Feature One Can Use to Get VR Player’s Attention

Say, you’re playing a game that has you on edge, maybe something really scary like The Brookhaven Experiment, and someone suddenly taps on your shoulder to get your attention. The effect…

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How to Get the Disney Experience Without Moving Around

Disney hasn’t been in the publishing front for a while and their support for Disney Infinity may have waned, but the PC gaming market is where their interests lie now….

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Google in the Works to Provide the Masses with Cutting-Edge VR

Google has an elaborate plan to launch a virtual reality concept and technology into the world in a way that would be adaptable to one, some, or all the services that…

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Virtual Reality Worlds Are Being Built for Mice and Monkeys

Researchers have devised an ingenious way to conduct cross-species brain research on an unprecedented scale. This time, they are building virtual reality worlds where lab animals such as mice and monkeys will set…

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Google Unveils New Android VR Headset at I/O Event

In the last few months, there is no denying the fact that virtual reality technology, or VR technology, has been gaining popularity. Earlier this year, Oculus finally released the highly…

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